Peterston Tea Estate Welsh Green Tea 2020 Harvest


Peterston Tea Estate Welsh Green Tea 2020 Harvest

2020 Harvest – this tea is limited and very special!

Peterston Tea Estate is the very first commercial tea garden in Wales located in The Vale of Glamorgan.  Lucy and her team grow every plant from seed and this 2020 harvest is very special as

their very first 100% Welsh Green Tea!

VARIETY: Camellia sinensis var. Sinensis grown from seed

PROCESSING: Hand picked & processed in small batches we steam the leaves before drying

TASTING NOTES: Very slightly sweet with light hints of fruit, subtle umami and savoury notes.  We think coastal with this one…it fits well with our Maritime climate!

BREWING GUIDE: Try 3g to 200ml filtered water at around 80°C


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