Peterston Tea Estate Welsh Gold Tea 2020 Harvest


Peterston Tea Estate Welsh Gold Tea 2020 Harvest

2020 Harvest – this tea is limited and very special!

Peterston Tea Estate is the very first commercial tea garden in Wales located in The Vale of Glamorgan.  Lucy and her team grow every plant from seed and this 2020 harvest is very special indeed as their very first picked tea in 2020. It isn’t a black tea, and it isn’t technically an oolong tea. Hand picked and crafted. Ethically farmed with no herbicides or pesticides.

Variety: Camelia sinensis var. sinensis

Dry leaf: Mellow milk chocolate notes

Wet leaf: Tropical fruit in serious bucketloads – at a jam factory!

Liquor: Pale amber with very light aroma

Palate: Light bodied, super smooth and buttery with touches of tropical fruits, some pineapple, lychee and jammy mango. And flowers, its a little bit floral too!

Brewing: Really comes into its own when brewed Gong Fu style, give it a shorter first infusion at about 85 – 90c – around 60 seconds. A second infusion for 2-3 minutes is when this really comes out to play. Can be infused 3 or 4 times. We’d recommend around 3g for 200ml.


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