Gaggia Accademia Bean to Cup Automatic Coffee Machine


An Espresso perfavore! No need to wait for a Cappucino or a Latte Macchiato… Gaggia Accademia offers you all the secrets of a professional Barista in just one touch, at home. Every day you will taste a traditional Espresso… and much more!

Durable Ceramic Grinder For Pure Coffee Aroma.

Because a metal grinder might burn the coffee beans while grinding, all Gaggia Espresso machines are equipped with an extremely durable ceramic grinder. A ceramic grinder will retain the purity of the coffee aroma while being equally durable to a metal grinder. Additionally the coffee grind can be adjusted from course to fine, just as you prefer.

Adjust Your Espresso To Fit Your Taste.

The settings in this Gaggia Espresso machine allows you to adjust the body and aroma of your coffee to suit your taste, while maintaining a perfect crema.

Efficient Cup Warmer For A Hot Espresso.

Your Gaggia Espresso machine has an energy-efficient integrated heating element to provide pre-warming coffee cups. Pre-warming a cup will ensure your Espresso stays hot for longer.

Pre-Brewing For Flavour Enhancing.

Pre-Brewing ensures that the ground coffee is evenly moistened before the actual brewing process. Only then the water flows through all of the ground coffee and your Gaggia Espresso machine can extract the full aroma for a balanced and tasty Espresso

Stainless Steel Body For Long-Lasting Performance.

The case of your machine has been skilfully manufactured from Stainless Steel. This make your Gaggia more robust, ensures long lasting performance and is an eye-catcher in every kitchen.

Digital Display For Easy Navigation.

Whatever you want to do with your Gaggia – the digital display makes it easier and gives instant feedback on the status of your Espresso machine.

One Touch Operation.

Just press one of the 7 pre-set beverages and your Gaggia Espresso machine will brew them in a few seconds.

Easy Cleaning Thanks To Removable Brewing Group.

The removable brewing group allows for easy cleaning and maintance and can even be replaced separately if necessary. This saves money and increase the machine hygiene for a flawless coffee taste .

Double Boiler To Reduce Waiting Time.

The double boiler reduces the waiting time between brewing an Espresso and dispensing steam to froth milk in just a few seconds.

Always A Clean Machine Thanks To Automatic Circuit Cleaning.

Thanks to the automatic cleaning and automatic descaling, you are guaranteed a perfect and hygienic Espresso every day and prolong the lifetime of your Gaggia.

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