Ty Mel Smallholding Welsh Honey 360g


Ty Mel Smallholding Welsh Honey 360g

So pleased to be stocking the famous Ty Mel Smallholding cold filtered honey! This honey is a natural sweetener for your tea!

Ty Mel cold Filtered Welsh Honey is harvested from the bees on The Smallholding. The bees forage in woodland, along hedgerows, a small brook, the vegetable and fruit garden and the orchard.

Sue and John have kept Honeybees for over 40 years and  manage the bees to the highest welfare standards leaving sufficient honey on the colonies to ensure they have plenty of food in the winter.

This Large sized jar weighs at 360g.

Product features
• Brand: Ty Mel Smallholding
• Range: Cold Filtered
• Material: Glass jar
• Dimensions: 360g

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