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Choosing your Subscription

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weekly or monthly coffee subscription

Choose the Frequency

Choose whether you want to receive your freshly packed subscription on a weekly or monthly basis.  Select below from Brew Boxes 1 to 4. Hot Chocolate is available monthly.

custom coffee subscription cortile coffee

Customise your Subscription

Select the roast strength, the coffee country origin and grind size and we’ll pick some fantastic coffees based on your preferences.

coffee subscription free delivery cortile coffee

Enjoy Free Delivery

We’ll carefully pack your subscription items and send them to you weekly or monthly.  Every subscription package will be sent to you with no delivery charge.

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Brew Box 1

£7.50 / month

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Teamail Tea Box

£8.00 / month

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Brew Box 2

From: £14.50 / month

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Choc Box

£18.00 / month

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Brew Box 3

£19.50 / month

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Brew Box 4

£25.50 / month